Over time teeth appear darker due to natural changes in the dental tissues or due to the accumulation of extrinsic staining such as tobacco, wines and tea or coffee.  Tooth whitening is the most effective way to eliminate the stains without damaging the natural tooth structure.  Hydrogen Peroxide is applied to the tooth, once activated it works on the enamel to bleach the staining substances.
A veneer is a thin porcelain facing on the tooth that changes its appearance. Porcelain veneers are the most effective way to change to colour and/or shape of your front teeth while conserving natural tooth structure.  A veneer can be used on one tooth to match the rest of your smile or on your whole smile to transform your appearance.

     Crowns and Bridges
Crowns are porcelain covers which fit over the whole tooth which is often fused with an even stronger material, such as zirconia.  A crown can be give strength to a weakened tooth and also improve its aesthetics. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth by joining two crowns with a fabricated porcelain tooth in between.
Inlays are porcelain or gold restorations that are cemented inside the tooth.  They are more durable and longer lasting than traditional white or silver fillings.
Implants are the most natural and long-lasting way to replace a missing tooth.  The implant is placed in stages, initially placing the titanium screw and once that has successfully integrated we place the porcelain crown.   We only use implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare or Strauman. These are the most established and tested manufacturers of implants and are generally regarded as better and more reliable than other, cheaper, makes available.
Davina - Before Davina - After
Davina Before and After
Claire - Before Claire - After
Claire - Before and After
Claire - Before Claire - Before Claire - After Claire - After
Claire Veneers on the upper teeth, replacement old metal crowns with porcelain