Whitening Technology

The “ZOOM II” whitening system has patented technology which ensures that it is the most effective whitening system available.  In a single appointment teeth can become up-to eight shades brighter and can transform a dull smile.  After your whitening appointment you will also be given an at home bleaching kit to top up the effect as required.
The technology involves applying the whitening gel then activating it with the ZOOM light. When the activated particles of gel enter the enamel they neutralise the stains that have infiltrated the tooth.  The treatment is absolutely safe on the dental enamel.
Restorative Technology

The Cerec Machine is a chair side milling system that brings the lab right into the surgery.  With Cerec, all porcelain crowns and inlay restorations and can be made in a single visit.  The traditional and messy impressions are redundant with the scanning technology of the Cerec machine. The dentist prepares the tooth as normal, but instead of requiring an impression (which can often initiate an uncomfortable gag reflex) a 3D image of the tooth is scanned on to the system which can then immediately be used to fabricate the porcelain restoration – All in the one appointment!
The end result is a durable metal free restoration with the aesthetics of your natural tooth.

An alternative to the drill, micro-abrasion is one of the most conservative techniques available to remove decay. It works on the principle that the parts of tooth affected by decay are softer than that of healthy dental tissues.  Microscopic particles of Aluminium-Oxide are aimed at the weakened part of the tooth which can then selectively remove the decay.  Micro-Abrasion can be used to expose and remove hidden decay and also has applications in aesthetic dentistry to remove stains and prepare the tooth for an adhesive (white) restoration.
Implant Technology

Robodent is the latest German technology for implant placement and is first for the UK here at Carling Dental.  Using computer generated 3D imaging each case is individually planed to a level of accuracy not possible with traditional 2D radiographs. Robodent is then used to guide the surgery. Computer generated guides assist implant placement to accuracy of with in one fraction of a millimetre giving us the most predictable results possible.  We are proud to be the first in the UK with this technology.